Ceiling Hoists for Pools, Hydrotherapy Pools and Spas

Ceiling lifts can be used independently or by a caregiver to transfer people quickly and safely. For pool environments we prefer to use the Handi-Move which has the fastest track motor on the market and is suitable for intensive use in a domestic or professional setting. Membrane panels and PCB treatment help the hoist to survive in the harsh environment found in many pools.



Handi-Move 2800 Ceiling Hoist

Handi-Move Pool Ceiling Hoist

Handi-Move Pool Ceiling Hoist

An overhead hoist is ideal for use in pools where a floor socket can't be installed or if there is limited space around the pool for a portable lift.



Hoist directly from changing room into the pool

Handi-Move 2805 Ceiling Hoist

Handi-Move 2805 Ceiling Hoist

One of the advantages of a ceiling track system is the ability to transfer from the changing rooms directly into the pool.



Handi-Move Body Support for Quick Pool Transfers

Handi-Move Self Hoist Pool Lift

The body support can be used to quickly transfer people into the pool without the need to mess around with slings.

For people who need the extra support of a sling you can quickly remove the body support and fit a spreader bar to the hoist. This can be done in seconds.



Self Hoist with Infra-red Controls

Handi-Move Pool Ceiling Hoist Self Transfer System

  • HM 2815 Lifting motor (up and down) and lateral motor (left and right) with infra-red hand control.
  • Can be used with slings and/or the body support system
  • 200 or 300 kg lifting capacity
  • 2 point and 4 point spreader bars available
  • 2 point spreaders bars available in different sizes
  • Back up controls on the motor in case of handset failure
  • Mechanical emergency down can be operated without tools independently
  • Emergency down and emergency stop within reach of the floor
  • The perfect hoist for completely independent self transfers