Para Rider - Disabled Riding Hoist

The Para Rider Hoist was developed by Dolphin to help people with restricted mobility to safely mount and dismount from a horse.


Para Rider Hoist for Disabled Riders

Para Rider Horse Box Hoist

The Horse Box Hoist was our original design to enable disabled riders to take a riding hoist with them when they attend events and competitions.

The hoist is integrated into the fabric of the horsebox at the factory in Oxfordshire and it can be used with a regular spreader bar and sling or with the body support system as pictured.


Para Rider Horsebox Disabled Access Hoist

Using the Body Support System to Mount a Horse

The Body Support is an ingenious device which is used instead of a sling to transfer people. It speeds up the transfer process and leaves the users seat free so they are lifted directly onto the horse.


Para Rider Wall Mounted Riding Hoist

Para Rider Wall Mounted Riding Hoist

The wall mounted version of the Para Rider hoist can be fitted to a wall in a stable or barn or fixed to an upright post.

It is a popular alternative to overhead hoists which can be very difficult to install and service in a riding arena.


Para Rider Hoist Video


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