Stannah Outdoor Stairlifts

Many external stairlifts are merely internal stairlifts with some added protection in terms of weather-proofing, the Stannah goes a step beyond this to ensure that the Stannah 320 will continue to function for many years in an outdoor environment.



Stannah 320 outdoor stairlift

Stannah 320 External Straight Stairlift

The Stannah 320 is a slimline external stairlift for straight stairs. It has been designed from the ground up to be used outdoors while keeping the same functionality and ease of use as an internal stairlift.



Stannah 320 External Stairlift with Custom made cover

Stannah 320 External Stairlift Cover

The 320 is supplied with a supplied with a protective cover to keep your stairlift dry when you're not using it. Simply fold the stairlift and pop the cover on.



stannah 320 outdoor stairlift upstairs

Stannah 320 Outdoor Stairlift

The 320 has a manual swivel seat which allows the user to step off the stairlift safely at the top of the stairs. The chair can remain swivelled, creating an effective barrier, or turned back against the wall.